Crystal - Transparent led screen
transparent LED screen  

Crystal series

Transparent screen behind shop glass

75% Transparency

Waterproof & high brightness

Fix install & Rental

Light weight

GOB technology

Water proof

Dust proof


High contrast

Transparent led display

LED transparent panel  

Die casting panel plus aluminium profile

Easier Install and maintain with modular design

Clean front & rear without cable

transparent LED display   Transparent LED   Transparent LED screen

The transparent LED display uses transparent display technology to achieve the effect of displaying content and background at the same time by optimizing the LED arrangement and transparent materials. LED transparent screen price.


Transparent LED display has the advantages of high transparency, creativity, lightness and convenience. The difference between LED transparent screen and traditional LED screen.


Transparent LED displays can be used in retail and commerce, exhibitions and museums, events and performances, etc. to display product information, promotions, etc., to attract customers' attention.

Espaciado de píxeles (mm) 2.5 3.91 5.2
Model N2.5/7.8-1000500N3.9/7.8-1000500N5.2/10.4-1000500
Fotodiodos SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD2020
Densidad (dots/sqm) 160000 65410 36982
Resolución del módulo (dots) 10000 4088 2311
Ancho del módulo (mm) 500 500 500
Altura del módulo (mm) 125 125 125
Ancho del gabinete (mm) 1000 1000 1000
Altura del gabinete (mm) 500 500 500
Profundidad del gabinete 60 60 60
Resolución (dots) 80000 32705 18491
Peso (kg) 12.5 12 11.5
Material aluminium aluminium aluminium
Mantener Front rear Front rear Front rear
acuerdo IP65 IP65 IP65
Brillo máximo (cd/sqm) 1500 1500 1500
Color de temperatura (k) 6500 6500 6500
Ángulo 140/140 140/140 140/140
Contraste visto 5000:1 5000:1 5000:1
Poder maximo (w) 400 400 400
Potencia en promedio (w) 150 150 150
Tipo de voltaje AC AC AC
Voltaje (v) 110-220 110-220 110-220
Modo de conducción 1/8 1/4 1/4
Velocidad de fotogramas de pantalla (hz) 60 60 60

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